Test Story - Federal Reserve Continues to be Cautious

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As the month of June rolls in the Federal Reserve in the U.S. continues its contemplation of raising interest rates while publicly assuring investors that rates will indeed rise. There is also the a third component in which the economic data they release is labeled as relevant to what their final decision will be on any interest rate hike. Therefore, the Federal Reserve can make investors and other people working in the financial sector believe that a rate raise is most likely to come while also creating reasons in the event it does not rise. In this manner they try to bring optimism to everyone involved, but also have themselves covered in the event things do not go as planned.

Reuters Reports:

The dollar has risen recently on expectations of higher U.S. rates. Fed Chair Janet Yellen said on Friday that the central bank should hike rates "in the coming months" if economic growth picks up and the labour market continues to improve.

The story goes on to mention:

Investors are awaiting key data this week before taking fresh positions. May's U.S. private-sector ISM manufacturing data, due on Wednesday, and non-farm payrolls report on Friday will be scrutinised and solid readings could further heighten expectations for a move as soon as the Federal Reserve's next policy meeting on June 14-15.

More stuff, etc, blah, blah, and blah. More to come as this is a test story. Moral of the story is the Fed will use any excuse to not raise rates, as they can’t. You can’t taper a ponzi scheme.



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